Positive & Negative Impacts Of Video Games

Video games have always remained a top choice among children. However, it was amplified to unprecedented levels with the emergence of portable gaming platforms and android applications. Accessibility allowed people to play games in their vehicles, rooms, and occasionally at the school or offices. It’s difficult to locate a child that is not gaming given that nearly 95% of American possess cellphones. Despite receiving a majority of negative attention, video games certainly offer many advantages. Finding the ideal mix between quality material and sensible restrictions is indeed the challenge. Video games must complement our life, not control over it.

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Positive Impacts Of Video Games:

There are some positive impacts of Video Games :


Video games can help people learn valuable life lessons or discover talents. These lessons can simply be learning chemical formulas or even math exercises. Many people tend to learn or discover talents or skills via video games that they haven’t discovered in real life such as remembering complex algorithms or even patterns. Individuals can learn through video games and ultimately implement information they have learnt in real-world circumstances. All healthcare and professional training programmes educate skills and tactics using simulation-based games.

Life Skills

Many video games instruct young people on delegation, teamwork, and resource allocation. Cooperation and task assignment are frequently necessary to accomplish challenges. Multiplayer games allow people to play with their buddies in real life.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

It has been proven that playing video games can enhance our capacity for logic and problem-solving. These enable us to concentrate successfully simultaneously, analyze knowledge more rapidly, and execute split-second judgments. Playing games can enhance aural awareness and reflexes.

Promote Exercise

Many applications, including Pokémon Go, encourage users to seek for Pokémon outside of buildings all over the world, boosting physical exercise and even giving them the impression that they are out hunting Pokémon’s. The Nintendo Wii is a motion-controlled system with games focused on sports and exercise that also offers the necessary workout that many people are too lazy to undertake.

A Separate Career

Due to the larger amount of audiences, many people who make a profession off of gaming can make approximately six figures every month. Ninja, a well-known streamer has a net worth of over $40 million and earns about $1.5 million per month. Who knew that playing video games could earn so much cash?

Negative Impacts Of Video Games:


Studies incorporating neural scanning are alarming, however, as almost major study tends to reach the opposing result regarding the societal repercussions of playing violent video games. Roughly put, people who played violent video games had lower levels of function in brain zones associated with self-control and higher levels of emotional engagement. We should be mindful of how violent video games affect us despite the ongoing discussion. Follow your instinct if you spot an issue. Assisting kids in selecting games you consider acceptable. Numerous console game rankings provide in-depth knowledge on the game’s degree of violence, swearing, themes, etc.


What causes gaming to become addictive? Dopamine, that makes us feel good and instructs our mind to perform that again is released into our bodies when we play video games. The obsessive nature of video games is intended. A gaming analyst at Microsoft Game Studios with a PhD in behavioural and cognitive studies, John Hopson also publishes articles on digital games and its design. He described how game developers might influence behaviour by offering straightforward stimuli and incentives at deliberate occasions and locations in “Cognitive Video Game.” The most susceptible to gaming obsession are those who struggle with controlling anger or finding their place in society. This could be since video games provide a simple means of rewarding the emptiness left by forming primary socialization.


Video games may benefit our kids’ life, yet parents’ ought to be present to assist them establish boundaries. It’s important to spend time and have a conversation if you’re concerned whether your kid is getting overly obsessed with video games. Be understanding and unbiased. Attempt to come to an understanding with your family on how much capacity video games may reasonably take up. Recognize that while playing video games has its position, kids must spend more energy exercising, interacting with others, learning, and resting. We might all need a bit extra experience just unplugging in this increasingly digital society.


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