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Richard Saghian the CEO Of Fashion Nova have not done many interviews. Until now, he’s tried to avoid from interviews, here is some save for some general statements and phone conversations with a few publications.

As being interviwed makes him uncomfortable. Saghian, The Iranian-American, doesn’t want an attention. He dismissed the idea of a portrait photography to clear this story and he was on a very low-key, trend agnostic outfit: a denim worn unbuttoned shirt over a T-shirt, jeans and a black expensive watch with gold accents but isn’t flashy.

He also likes to speak in points and grand themes that are not always favorable to a free-flowing conversation with a reporter. He says things like “extortionate fashion is dead” and “Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing women’s apparel company.” To help guide the interview, which took place in a conference room at Fashion Nova’s headquarters right outside of downtown Los Angeles, he referred to an Excel sheet of questions  received by him from this journalist and other reporters over the past few months, which were coupled with very organized, corporate answers.

But he also doesn’t need press. He is been able to figure out and grow Fashion Nova, which has 10.7 million followers on Instagram, independent of the traditional powers. In 2017, according to Google, It was one of the most searched fashion brands alongside, Louis Vuitton, Gucci Supreme and Chanel. And the company propertied in the fourth-place slot without a runway show, placements in magazines, traditional marketing campaigns or, Saghian added, forced SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

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What is the reason behind  himself to submit an interview now?

For the unqualified, it would be easy to define Fashion Nova as “an Instagram brand.” Saghian likes to call it a viral brand, but something about those descriptions make the company feel short-lived and illegitimate. Fashion Nova is a bona fide apparel, accessories and beauty business that’s attracted women with body measurements that don’t always fit within standard sizing — although Saghian says the clothes are for everyone. Women like Belcalis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B, or Angela Renée White, also known as Blac Chyna, who have bulbous hips, rotund butts, axle like waists — and big Instagram followings. The clothes are tight, trendy and reasonable and by working with celebrities, Saghian has made them aspiring. It was a great turn to work with more than 3,000 influencers, he’s made them prevalent. It’s easy to imagine that Fashion Nova exists only online, but it has five stores within malls across Southern California. Saghian said the company grew by 600 percent in 2017 and is profitable, but he declines to reveal its revenue. But for context, another fast-fashion retailer Boohoo,  has 3.1 million followers on Instagram and  had a revenue of £294.64 million in 2017, which translates to $411.43 million.

Fashion Nova New Identity

The Fashion Nova head office, which is in an industrial neighborhood, is nondescript. It doesn’t have that sterilized, start-up sheen nor is it decorated with disco balls and lacquer furniture. It’s comfortable, with remnants of Valentine’s Day and boxes of doughnuts, a Friday mainstay, scattered about — free food and the employee discount are apparently big incentives at Fashion Nova. The staff is depending on diversificcation and growing, and Fashion Nova is changing. They also revealed a new logo — it no longer has the hot pink woman’s shape and the text is cleaner and bolder.

Saghian top concern seems to be Attracting and retaining talent, who said for many of his junior employees, Fashion Nova is their first job out of college. He brings up poaching often, as if it’s a approach used by his competitors, another term he uses often, to dismantle his company. One gets the sense that Saghian never abstract the business would get this peak and he wants to protect and promote his team, which he believes will be key to Fashion Nova’s continuous success.

“I could stop it right here and live a good life, but I want to grow the business,” said Saghian. “I’m the ceo, cmo and the cfo, so I’m trying to build up this company and I need help.”

Fashion Nova discount code

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To use a coupon code at, collect the items you want to buy and add them to your cart. After navigating to your cart page, you’ll find a text box labeled “Gift card or discount code” below the list of order items. Enter your code exactly as it appears and select “Apply” to use your discount.


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